Your customers’ perception is your reality: our happy NPS outcome!

Discover how we achieve exceptional customer satisfaction. Learn about our unique approach to understanding client needs and providing superior service in the tech industry.
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The power of Customer Experience

In the world of Customer Experience, there are probably a million ways to measure clients’ satisfaction. The bottom line is that each survey, study, or interview should primarily be a space for our clients to share their feelings in an easy way; as much as it is for us (for the “analysis and improvement” purposes), the real goal is creating a feeling of openness and transparency, through proactively seeking the feedback.

Reports show that 52% of customers would switch to a company's competitor after just one bad experience.*
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Having scored an NPS average of 8.68 this year, we feel very humble and proud of the trust and appreciation coming from our clients!

Celebrating our 2023 NPS score

We chose NPS (Net Promoter Score) as one of the customer satisfaction metrics; it is a one-question, industry-standard survey which helps to track customer loyalty:
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Examples of memorable remarks we got from our clients:
We are extremely pleased with the commitment, skills, and trustworthiness of the individuals from Amsterdam Standard who joined our software team, as they have seamlessly integrated and made a significant impact on our projects. (score 10)
Steven le Corvaisier
PRe Sustainability
Really love the quality of the developers and how your Account Manager communicates. (score 9)
Nico Oud

Why awesome customer service is the real MVP?

CX reports for 2023 underlie the value of having a great customer journey and prioritising problem-solving for your clients; research shows that even as many as 74% of customers will forgive a mistake after receiving excellent customer service. 

One of our biggest focuses of Q1 and Q2 of 2023 was understanding in depth the circumstances of our clients:
- What are the specific challenges of the industries they operate in?
- What are their personal roles’ pains, and needs?
- Is there a particular knowledge or skill they seek to acquire?
It’s no longer only about demographics or buying habits. You want to understand individuals and their environments, which is what helps to reach the highest levels of empathy and be of true support. 

Fueling growth: fun, customer care, and community!

Sustainable business is built through proactively serving customers and building relationships, and as a tech-service company, we are also inspired by our clients - how they provide customer care to each and every one of their clients and app users. 
Customer experience really is an  “everybody’s job” in the company - not just one department’s - to align with customers’ expectations, and we know it’s not easy. Overall, building a business is hard - but it’s a far more sustainable process when you have good experience and a bit of fun while doing it, so we never sleep on an opportunity for a get-together with our clients’ and entrepreneurs community!
Written by: Paulina, on July 26, 2023
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