Do people work remotely or in your offices?

Remote work is a natural thing for us, and it was long present even before the Covid19 pandemia. For years we had a hybrid model, but most of the time people were working from the office. Nowadays it is the other way around as people mostly choose to work from home. It doesn’t mean our offices are empty, or that we do not have office life! We have people who are in the office almost everyday, and we have people who prefer working mostly from home. The world is changing and we are trying to adapt instead of fighting it. We care a lot about our atmosphere and we take pride in that. To maintain our culture and company spirit we have regular in-office lunches, training sessions, tech workshops, team days and many one time events to celebrate things like programmers day, anniversaries, women's days etc.. We also have an integration budget available for each team to create stronger bonds! So even though we do not see each other as often as 5 years ago, it doesn't really matter, as we still feel being part of something bigger.