The Industries we've partnered up with.

While we don't exclude any industry, there are a couple areas we have gained a fair share of experience and expertise in. Learning and growing with our clients we've enjoyed working in the AdTech, ClimateTech or even Marketplaces industry.
e-commerce and marketplaces at Amsterdam Standard

E-commerce and Marketplaces.

Online shopping and e-commerce is a tough sector. Not only is the market volatile and subjective to current affairs, but also, to stay afloat, you have to adapt to its rules.


Building SaaS marketplace tools, like we've done for ChannelEngine or Orderchamp is the easy part. Acquisition, retention and the constant gallop to stay ahead requires a well established team, proper planning, investing in analytics and a quick development framework to match.


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Adtech - amsterdam standard

Ads rule the world. Period.

The global market share for advertising is soon going to reach 1 trillion dollars! Even as soon as 2025. Google and Facebook have both made their millions in providing advertisement services to their clients.


The hardest part of AdTech is integrations. Being able to seamlessly create advertisements in many formats and for all the key platforms. These are the struggles we are often faced with when partnering with AdTech clients. After 7 years and multiple long-term projects in AdTech do we know our way around this industry?


How we solve AdTech issues
Sustainable Solutions - Amsterdam Standard

Sustainability one step at a time.

We strongly believe that cycling to work is just a drop in the ocean of change that needs to happen for our Earth to regenerate itself. We need to look bigger and broader to tackle climate change at its source.


That's why we are always open to clients with climate or sustainability projects. We've worked with some already: calculated carbon footprints and devised tools for drawing solar panels on Google Maps.


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Frame 56
Booking & Ticketing

One of our classics.

The most common industry we've partnered with is in booking or ticketing. Our biggest success story is with GoPhoto, who are still reaching new heights, yikes!


The covid pandemic made a dent in cultural events, diminishing the sector to record lows. But we see that now this industry is once again growing. Maybe that will give us a change to build smart calendars and booking platforms once again.


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We cater to more industries!

The above list is definitely our speciality but that doesn't mean we don't venture into other regions. In fact our past clients have been from industries including:
Smart Chat
Medical Tech
Data Analytics
Recruitment Tech
Luxury Goods

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