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At Amsterdam Standard, we tap into our vast experience across diverse sectors to shape SaaS tools that launch your business towards stellar success
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~since 2012


Process Mastery

Manual processes bogging you down? We use our knowledge across sectors to automate tasks, giving your business the needed speed.
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Seamless Sync

Frustrated with disjointed systems? We’re masters at integrating your SaaS platform with existing systems for smooth, efficient performance.
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Agile Scalability

Business expanding rapidly? We craft flexible SaaS solutions that scale up with you, supporting your growth every step of the way.
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How can we help?

We're your tech team boosters, ready to enhance your B2B SaaS team with our skilled experts. From designing bespoke SaaS solutions, smooth API integrations, scalable frameworks to modernizing old systems, we've got your tech needs covered.


Our track record? Over a decade of experience across diverse industries from Edutech to Fintech, and everything in between. So you focus on your core business, while we handle your SaaS platform.

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Case Study
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The common SaaS dilemma: to rewrite or not to rewrite

Ever wondered how a coding journey can transform business success? Step into our expert case study and witness the captivating story of merging old and new codebases. Find out how our approach brought about a wave of exciting new features, driving the tech industry to success!
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If you are looking for a smart tech partner for the long term then Amsterdam Standard is definitely the party to consider. We have been working together for 8 years and Amsterdam Standard has been the key-to-success for our business.
Daniel Duivestein
CEO at GoPhoto


You can join our exclusive club of SaaS Founders. Gain our know-how and valuable connections.

Cyril Mallet
CTO at Platform161
We have been working with Amsterdam Standard since 2017 on several IT projects, sometimes under tight deadlines and with high expectations. We are very appreciative of their expertise and professionalism in software development, but also in project management and user experience design when we needed to quickly scale up there. Communication is often challenging when outsourcing, but Amsterdam Standard easily integrates with our own development processes, which makes everything straightforward. We now have a strong relationship with Amsterdam Standard and we recommend them to anyone looking for quality IT services.
Zeno Lampe
IT manager at MrWork
I’ve worked with Amsterdam Standard for 8 years now and it has been a great journey so far. We were able to grow faster together. Without my team in Krakow and the great leadership of Alek, MrWork wouldn’t have the success it has today. The developers at Amsterdam Standard took the development of our software platform to the next level. They are a great team that delivers amazing quality!
Dirk Meeuws
COO/CTO at OnRecruit
We will rather expand our team with Amsterdam Standard in Poland than search for new hires in the Netherlands. The OnRecruit team is a truly perfect.
Steven le Corvaisier
Software Team Lead at PRé
What comes to mind if I describe our colleagues from Amsterdam Standard? Much more than an extension of our team! It is a great pleasure to work with such smart, talented, and committed people. Beyond the team’s close collaboration, we at PRé genuinely appreciate the attention to details and customer satisfaction provided by the entire company. Looking forward to continuing our work together for the years to come.
Tim Ladrak
Product Manager at LeadingCourses
I started working with Amsterdam Standard in September 2020. We slowly formed a new AS-scrum team to replace the existing group of developers. They completely reshaped and modernized our product and became a strong self-managing team. This team has performed very well despite the tons of legacy code, complex architecture, and diverse stakeholders involved.

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Leopold Founder of Amsterdam Standard
Leopold van Oosten Founder
Hi! I’m Leo.
In this introductory call:
  • I’ll listen to the problems you’re experiencing.
  • Strategise how to overcome them.
  • Show you some of our work.
  • Tell you about our pricing.
  • Answer any other questions you have!

Frequently Asked Questions?

At Amsterdam Standard, our business model is to provide team extension. This is not body leasing. We create meaningful partnerships and help both our businesses thrive. You don't just get developers from us. We also handle managing recruitment, training, and team management. This lets you concentrate on your product and strategic growth while we handle the rest.
We focus on long-term relationships and prioritize quality over profitability. Our approach ensures transparent and honest communication while creating teams that match your requirements. We're not just a service provider; we aim to become a relevant partner for your business. Anyone can code tasks. We take the time to understand your business and help you achieve your success... while coding :)
We understand that our success lies in your success. That's why we provide dedicated teams who work exclusively on your project. We want you to think of your remote colleagues as they were with you on the premises. Integrated seamlessly into your culture, contributing to your business. We value a work-life balance and, if possible, arrange for our devs to visit you to spend a day working together, followed by a fun after-party.
Sure thing, we'd absolutely love to meet you in person! We're big believers in the power of face-to-face meetings to create strong relationships. You're welcome to drop by our offices, whether it's in Amsterdam or Poland. And don't worry if it's inconvenient for you to come to us. Our team would be more than happy to visit you instead. In fact, it's pretty common for us to make a trip to our clients in the first month of cooperation. So don't hesitate. Let's plan a meet-up!
Our goal is to ensure that our team functions as an extension of your own, like your very own remote employees. Adapting to your business culture is our priority, and we place importance on regular in-person meetings. So while we might be working remotely, we're always in sync with your team and your business values.
Anybody can say that they ensure quality. But what does that even mean? That every single piece of code is documented, tested and written only to the highest industry standard? That would cost a lot. Not many companies can afford that. We have a pragmatic approach. We understand that some things need to be built fast that will become an MVP to test on your users. From there, we iterate and perfect the product from the learnings. We strongly believe in data-driven design (and development). Of course, we will promote testing and documenting code, as this is overlooked almost every time to cut costs, but in key areas, we will push to have this in place.

We also provide QA specialists who can work closely with your team and monitor the quality delivered to your users. Above that, our transparency and will to undertake long-term partnerships are also a testament to how we ensure a smooth ride with us on board.

Yes! At Amsterdam Standard, we're all geared up to help you find talent. We have a network of headhunting and job-posting platforms where we have verified experts in various tech frameworks. Hiring locally is often very expensive, and verifying each candidate can take much time. To check the real cost of local employment try our free calculator.

Amsterdam Standard will present you only with candidates that match your technology stack, your culture and line of work. You also don't pay for this process. You focus on your product while our HR team handles the rest.

As a company that understands startups & entrepreneurs, Amsterdam Standard is well-equipped to accelerate your SaaS startup. Our experience shows that 75% of our clients operate SaaS products, and 55% are startups, meaning we are well-versed in facing and overcoming challenges. Regarding infrastructure, 55% of our clients run their architecture in AWS, so we are experienced in cloud computing and scalable solutions. Remember, it's not only about hard skills but also the soft skills that our team brings to the table. Check out our wizard to see if we're a match.
With a significant part of our clients being scale-ups (30%), Amsterdam Standard is ideally suited to assist in managing the challenges of rapid growth. Our experienced development teams, with knowledge in Python, .NET, PHP, React, Vue.js, and Agile methodologies, will aid you in scaling your tech infrastructure and implementing efficient processes. Let's have a meeting call to see how we can support you.
With Amsterdam Standard, you're not just securing a service provider. You're gaining a dependable ally to help build your healthcare app. We can create innovative medical and wellness web applications tailored to your requirements. We employ advanced technologies like Python, .NET, PHP, React, and Vue.js and primarily operate within the Agile framework. We're here for the long haul and put your business value first! Let's organize a meeting call and see if we're the perfect match.
At Amsterdam Standard, we specialize in technologies like Python, .NET, PHP, React, and Vue.js to deliver state-of-the-art digital solutions for the property market. Our teams are skilled in creating everything from property listings and reservation platforms to interactive mapping solutions. We are a lasting partner who places quality first. 
We seize opportunities across various sectors, and your production and fabrication web platform grabs our attention. We can offer a friendly and committed team extension, eager to contribute to advancing and refining your manufacturing web platform.
Absolutely. If you need expertise in Python, .NET, PHP, React, Vue.js, and Agile methodologies, we are well-prepared to assist in digitizing your supply chain operations, logistics and distribution processes. Whether your goals involve streamlined inventory management, real-time tracking, or predictive analytics, we're here to support you. We value long relationships and prioritize quality over profitability. Let's connect in a meeting call to chart out your digital roadmap.
In the dynamic food service sector, Amsterdam Standard can help you create a distinctive online presence. We utilize Python, .NET, PHP, React, Vue.js, and Agile methodologies to design tailored solutions, such as customer-friendly apps and efficient back-end management systems. We're a tech partner that values long-term quality over short-term gains, aiming for a sustainable collaboration. To see if we're a good fit, check out our wizard here. 
Certainly, we can revolutionize your agricultural venture with digital solutions. Our technology stack, including Python, .NET, PHP, React, Vue.js, and Agile methodologies, can cater to precision farming, agricultural data management, or farm-to-table traceability applications. 
Absolutely! We at Amsterdam Standard are adept at building solutions for the automotive industry, whether it be a car dealership web application or an auto trade platform. Leveraging our expertise in Python, .NET, PHP, React, and Vue.js, combined with Agile methodologies, we deliver efficient solutions. Our approach is built around longevity, focusing on quality over profitability. Interested to learn more? Try our wizard here and see if we're a match.
Our teams at Amsterdam Standard leverage their technical skills and Agile methodologies to create or enhance engaging e-learning platforms.  We are a lasting partner who values your business needs and quality above all else. Explore our compatibility with our wizard here.
Find more answers by checking out our general FAQ section HERE.