Growing your tech company sucks!

We've done it ourselves, we know how it burns. You shouldn't be worrying about unreached deadlines or faulty web products. Instead envision your Bali vacation, sipping drinks with tiny umbrellas.
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How to
outclass your competitors?

Skip costly in-house hiring and ineffective hours

You lose clients when you stop focusing on your goals. 


We provide entire teams of qualified front-end and back-end professionals and have them onboarded  within 6 weeks.


  • Recruitment is free,
  • You pay only for the effective hours of our developers.
  • It's that simple


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Agile Project Management

Success starts with a plan. Our Agile experts are here for you. We'll guide your team, make development run smoothly, and help you adapt to changes. With us, you'll meet deadlines and keep your customers happy.
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Quality Assurance

Everyone wants a product that works perfectly. QA teams have become a vital asset in ensuring that your product runs right. You can trust us to find and fix any issues, so your software runs smoothly.

IT Operations

Ensure smooth IT with our constant care. We monitor, update, and resolve incidents, so you can focus on your business growth.


Fast, collaborative, and efficient. We unite development and operations to deploy code more frequently and successfully, speeding up changes and restoration.

Cyber Security

Guard against cyber threats. Our solutions protect your systems and data from hacks, supporting threat modeling, vulnerability assessments, and more.

Software Architecture

Build on a solid foundation. Our architects will plan a structured roadmap for your application, propose performance improvements and more.

Product Design

User Experience (UX) is the key to a successful product. We provide UX/UI services that will keep your clients coming back for more.

Cloud Services

Everything is now in the cloud. Easily accessible and available to scale. We handle Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Azure

Tell us what you're struggling with.

All we need is a 15min. Introductory Call where we're learn about your companies needs and how we can help you outclass your competition.
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What happens after the Introductory Call?

Time is money, So within 2 weeks we'll arrange a free Discovery Call and Technical Quick Scan to figure out a plan for your project. Afterwards we Implement, Monitor and constantly improve our long-term cooperation.

We specialize in these technologies:

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Interested in AdTech, ClimateTech, Booking platforms or Marketplaces? Come see our work, learn about our process, and find out how we make a difference.
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Got scaling issues or want to boost app performance? Discover how we solve these challenges and help our clients succeed.

Our Stories

Curious about the world of IT? Check out our blog for interesting articles, insider tips, and a peek into our own backyard.

Ready to extend your team?

Does this sound interesting to you? Let’s discuss your needs. We are here to think with you and explore the opportunity of team augmentation.

Leopold Founder of Amsterdam Standard
Leopold van Oosten Founder
Hi! I’m Leo.
In this introductory call:
  • I’ll listen to the problems you’re experiencing.
  • Strategise how to overcome them.
  • Show you some of our work.
  • Tell you about our pricing.
  • Answer any other questions you have!